Monday, April 28, 2008

Against Teso Dos Bichos & SirManchester

Against Teso Dos Bichos & SirManchester, I am not starting my best lineup. Robben & Materazzi will start ahead of Pepe and Nasri.

Starting Lineup:
----------Julio Cesar--------
Defense: All six of defensive players(plus keeper) came from Serie A. They will play a classic “web” defensive system. They should understand their roles very well. Since Toni & Kaka are familiar with Serie A defense, it will be tough to stop them. However, my defense should also know how to handle Kaka and Toni. To be honest, this will just be a battle between a Serie A offense vs a Serie A defense. Either of us will have an advantage over the other. At least, on paper, my team is as good as any Serie A team. Except Pasqual, all my defensive players are considered to be one of the best in their positions in Serie A. I started Materazzi for his experienses with Toni on the Italian NT. His size can also match up with Toni.

Offense: Cambiasso and Perrotta need to win the ball back and move it up field. Without Nasri, they need to be the playmakers too. Both of them have done that before. I am not too worried about their qualities, but Team TDB/SM got two effective DM's(Flamini & Demichelis). They can disrupt the flow of my offense. At the same time, those two cannot move the ball forward very well. So Kaka needs to track back and contribute. And I will be happy to see Kaka playing further back from goal. Hopefully, that would isolate Kaka from Toni & Terez. The same situation should apply to Ronaldo, but I am confident that Cambiasso & Perrotta can play the ball forward.

I noticed a weakness in TDS/SirMan's fullbacks. Ujfalus(mistake-prone this season), Cole(not the same player at Arsenal) and Sagnol(slow for a fullback against my fast wingers but he might be playing CB) all have sub par season. So I will start Robben instead of Nasri to give more width. Robben & Ronaldo(Ro-Ro) will run down the flank. They would either cut inside and shoot, or move downfield and cross. They will constantly switch sides causing confusion on their defense. Depending on the game situation, my two wingbacks, will surge forward to support the wingers. Pasqual is No Beckham, but he is considered to be one of the best crosser of the ball in Serie A. My weaker left side might be a surprise for them as Robben should be a boost.. Huntelaar will be ready in the middle ~ either opening up space for the other forwards or scoring himself. With Robben on the team, Rooney does not need to track to the left as much as he should be doing for other games. Thus, he has more freedom to score or help his pal, Ronaldo in the middle. His role will be expanded.

Cohesion: We all know about Rooney-Ronaldo. Robben and Huntelaar also played togeher for Holland. My defense also got a Inter Milan presense with Cambiasso-Materazzi-Julio Cesar, and a Roma presense with Perrotta & Mexes. Oddo has played with Materazzi for Italy.

If winning, Zanetti & Montolivo go in for Huntelaar & Robben. Montolivo reunites with Pasqual on the left. Rooney & Ronaldo will move upfront & do their magic liked Man Utd(without Saha). Montolivio provides long & short pass to break up the defense. Pepe will come in late in the game for either Ronaldo or Rooney.
If losing, Nasri goes in for Pasqual and play in front of the DM's. If it does not work, Nihat comes in for Robben in the very end.

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