Monday, April 30, 2007

Great Rivalry: Barcelona vs Real Madrid

El Clásico:This rivalry is considered to be the biggest rivalry in soccer. Their roots traced back to the regional conflict between Castile and Catalonia. From a historic point of view the rivalry projects what many regard as the political and cultural tensions felt between Catalans and the Castillians. During Franco's era in Spain, the Spanish government suppressed all regional identities. Barcelona FC became a cultural identity of Catalana. Althrough Real Madrid was never associated with Franco(in fact, several prominent Real Madrid club officials were killed during that era), many people saw them as the club of the capital city and therefore, the symbol of the Franco regime.

In the 1950s the rivalry was intensified further when the clubs disputed the signing of Alfredo Di Stéfano. Some marked this as the real beginning of this great rivalry since Real Madrid only won 2 La Liga titles in their entire history, prior to the arrival of Di Stefano and was not considered a powerhouse in Spain. Di Stefano led Real Madrid to the pinnacle of European football and put them in conflict with Barcelona who won 5 titles in the 9 seasons before Di Sefano's arrival.

The movement of players between the two clubs has always been painful for fans of both sides. Nevertheless, it is very frequent.
1905: Luciano Liz raga (Real Madrid to Barcelona)
1906: Charles Wallace (Barcelona to Real Madrid)
1911: Alfonso Albeniz (Barcelona to Real Madrid)
1911: Arsenio Comamala (Barcelona to Real Madrid)
1930: Ricardo Zamora (Barcelona-Espanyol-Real Madrid)
1932: Josep Samitier (Barcelona to Real Madrid)
1939: Hilario Juan Marrero Perez (Real Madrid- Valencia- Barcelona)
1953: Alfredo Di Stefano (Barcelona - Real Madrid)
1961: Justo Tejada (Barcelona - Real Madrid), Jesus Pereda (Real Madrid-Valladolid-Sevilla-Barcelona)
1962: Evaristo Macedo (Barcelona - Real Madrid)
1965: Fernand Goyvaerts (Barcelona - Real Madrid)
1965: Lucien Muller (Real Madrid - Barcelona)
1980: Lorenzo Amador (Real Madrid- Hercules CF-Barcelona
1988: Bernd Schuster (Barcelona - Real Madrid)
1990: Luis Milla (Barcelona - Real Madrid)
1991: Gheorghe Hagi (Real Madrid-Brescia-Barcelona)
1992: Fernando ”Nando” Munoz (Barcelona - Real Madrid)
1994: Julen Argote Lopetegui (Real Madrid- Logrones-Barcelona)
1994: Michael Laudrup (Barcelona - Real Madrid)
1995: Robert Prosinecki (Real Madrid-Oviedo-Barcelona), Miquel Soler (Barcelona-Sevilla-Real Madrid)
1996: Luis Enrique(Real Madrid - Barcelona)
1999: Dani Garcia (Real Madrid-Real Mallorca-Barcelona)
2000: Luis Figo (Barcelona - Real Madrid), Albert Celades (Barcelona-Celta Vigo-Real Madrid), Alfonso Perez (Real Madrid-Real Betis-Barcelona)
2002: Jordi Lopez (Barcelona B - Real Madrid), Ronaldo (Barcelona-Inter Milan-Real Madrid)
2003: Roberto Trashorras (Barcelona B- Real Madrid)
2004: Samuel Eto’o (Real Madrid-Real Mallorca-Barcelona)
2005: Iago Falque (Real Madrid B - Barcelona)
2006: Jeffrey Hoogervorst (Real Madrid B - Barcelona B)
2007: Thaer Fayed Al-Bawab (Real Madrid B - Barcelona B), Javier Saviola (Barcelona - Real Madrid) * unconfirmed report

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