Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Funny & weird names in soccer n sport

Weirdest of the brunch
Argelico 'Argel' Fucks: Brazilian player wo played in Japan, Spain and Brazil
God Shamgod: former NCAA basketball player for Providence.
Gregor Fucka: Slovenian basketball player who now plays for Barcelona

All-dicks and Kunts
Paul Dickov: Pull Dickov..... Manchester City striker.
Brian Pinas (pronounced penis): A Dutch player who played with Newcastle, Feyenoord, etc.
Ansil Elcock: Trinidad and Tobago player who played in the MLS.
Paul Allcock: English referee... so Allcock sent Dickov off.
James Kunt
Dick van Dijk The hero of Ajax's 1971 European Cup champion.

Everyone knows Kaka means shit in Italian and Spanish.... imagine he played with Dudu the Brazilian player for CSKA Moscow.
Thomas Strunz: German player and strunz in Italiann meant shit
Danny Shittu: Nigerian player with Watford.
Toby Oshitola: a Nigerian player who plays for Barnet.
Rafael Scheidt(prounced "shit"): A Brazilian player who played with Celtics.
Dean Windass: English player who played with Sheffield United, etc. It would be nice if he joins Danish club MIDDELFART!!!!!!!
Vladimir But: former Borussia Dortmund midfielder.

Funny if they joined that team
Wolfgang Wolf: German coach once at VfL Wolfsburg.
Arsène Wenger: it is a perfect normal name, but if he coaches Arsenal.... actually he does coach for them.
Francesco Totti had a teammate named Carlo Zotti at one point.

Hey, I can't change my surname
Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink: Dutch striker formerly with PSV. the surname was the result of a marriage between the Vennegoors and Hesselinks, and "of" means "or" in English.
Francesco de Francesco: A Serie B player
Eric Djemba-Djemba: Manchester United's player
Lomana Lua Lua: Congolese player for Portsmouth.
Ian Bogie:
A former playmaker for Newcastle United.
Gernot Sick: An Austrian defender. Hope he does not get sick, but Patrice Loko went "loco"(means Crazy).This French player actually lost his mind in real life.
Felix Brilliant: A MLS player and if he teams up with Danny Invincible, an Australian player based in Scotland.
Tomáš Hübschman: A player from Czech Republic. His last name means "pretty man" or "pretty one."
Enzo Scifo (Scifo means like "bad" in italian): A star midfielder from Belgium but with Italian ancestry.

My mum gave that name to me
Titus Bramble : A Newcastle player
Digital Takiwara: A former MLS player.
Doctor Khamola: South African star player

The whole name sounds funny
Buona Morte (meant "good death"): A Portugese player
Joseph-Desiré Job(Joseph wants job): A Cameroonian striker.
Junior Agogo: A Ghanian player born in England.
Shaka Hislop: A keeper for T&T.
Dipsy Selolwane: A MLS player from Botswana.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: Norwegian striker for Man Utd.
Asier Del Horno: A defender from Basque.
Papa Bouba Diop: a Senegalese plater with Fulham.

My name rhymes
Muzzy Izzet:
Turkish midfielder
Gianluca Pagliuca: Italian keeper WC 1994. .

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